FLOWpresso Therapy


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Regenus Center offers effective and pain-free treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifies the body of unwanted toxins. If you’d like to book a session, feel free to contact our team. 

What is FLOWpresso?


​ FLOWpresso® is a uniquely engineered experience, clinically proven to improve sleep and reduce stress, positively impacting the quality of your life. FLOWpresso® operates through a comfortable and snug state-of-the-art bodysuit, applying revolutionary equipment that combines three distinct approaches into one easy, efficient, and effective restorative approach.


Who is FLOWpresso for?

Those with poor metabolic function, hormone imbalance, insomnia, chronic and complex illnesses, anxiety, depression, or anyone wanting to support their lymphatic system.


What are the benefits of THE FLOWpresso Therapy?

-Increases lymphatic and blood circulation

-Relieves edema/ swelling

-Reduces inflammation and chronic pain

-Increases elimination of cellular waste/detox

-Improves general mobility

-Reduces fatigue while improving sleep

-Relieves muscle and joint pain

-Puts you into Parasympathetic state for Detox, Healing, Repair

-Reduces tiredness/heaviness in the extremities

-Improves sports performance & recovery

-Supports the function of the immune system

-Reduces auto-immune conditions

-Improves digestive complaints

-Assists in healing pre- and post-surgery


FLOWpress can help release fasica

-Reduced soreness and improved tissue recovery

-Muscle relaxation

-Suppression or reduction of trigger point sensitivity and pain

-Improved joint range of motion

-Reduced adhesions and scar tissue

-Reduces inflammation

-Decreased overall effects of stress on the human movement system

-Increases circulation


Why Deep Pressure Therapy?

-Deep Pressure Therapy increases Serotonin by 28%

-Increases Dopamine by 31%

-These “happy hormones” have a direct positive effect on mood and behavior

-Reduces cortisol by 31% creating a natural calming effect

-It improves sleep by increasing the production of Melatonin

-It balances your Autonomic Nervous System

What does a FLOWpresso session entail?

Lying horizontally and fully clothed, the state-of-the-art bodysuit gently cocoons around your arms, legs, abdomen and feet.As the session starts, you will feel a gentle squeezing sensation as the air chambers of the bodysuit inflate and deflate, moving from your feet towards your torso.This therapy encourages flow through your body by supporting a deep sense of relaxation, as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

A session typically lasts 40-minutes.

After the session, the body feels held and hugged. FLOWpresso® is unique, as it can target your body’s needs, whether that be through stimulation or detoxification, as the infrared heat and compression pressure can be adjusted. Each body will experience different outcomes and benefits. You can experience FLOWpresso therapy as often as twice a week.


How is a single session of FLOWpresso?

Your first session of FLOWpresso will be $120; after that, your drop-in rate will be $90


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