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Regenus Center is a biohacking, anti-aging, and lifestyle center in East Hanover, New Jersey. The team at Regenus Center takes a wholistic approach to health and well-being, addressing the root causes of health problems.

The wellness practice uses many tools and therapies to help its patients recharge their bodies, boost energy, and reduce anxiety and pain, including red light therapy, infrared sauna, lymphatic drainage, and lifestyle coaching.

Regenus Center uses the NES BioEnergetiX WellNES System to find and correct blocks in the flow of energy and information to reduce stress, boost energy, and improve general health and well-being. The team also uses its innovative treatments and therapies for pain management to help those suffering from back and neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain problems.

With a focus on bioenergetics — the study, detection, and correction of energy — Regenus Center uses its unique approach to health to recharge the body’s battery and make sure the energy created is properly and efficiently managed.

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Unlock your body's resilience

A unique, powerful approach to restore health and energy for life.

Optimize Your Control System: Get to the root of health concerns with BioEnergeticxs Wellness System by assessing, unblocking, and correcting the hidden barriers that are blocking natural restoration process.

Restore Your Energy Levels: We offer cutting edge recovery technologies like red light therapy, regenerative cellular therapy, detox therapies, lymphatic drainage etc. to our clientele to reduce fatigue, increase cellular health and restore energy levels.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle: Lifestyle Intervention is an integral part of our care. Working with our in-house Lifestyle Coach will help resolve the hidden challenges that are draining your energy and affecting your vibrant health and peace of mind.


This is not your typical wellness center

Are you sick of going from practitioner to practitioner or therapies and tactics that don’t give long term result? Come and see how we’ve designed the ideal atmosphere for addressing your actual root cause.


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We know energy

In a sea of myths, misinformation, and pseudoscientific health information, we have made it our mission to provide comprehensive evidence‑based, scientific cutting-edge solutions and lifestyle tactics for all things related to fatigue and energy management.



Healthy living is no longer a puzzle

Other health and wellness centers that focus in one direction to promote health and wellness, we have put the pieces together for you so you can focus on the things that matter most.


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Everything You Need to

Start look, feel and perform better!

How can we help





     Athletic Recovery

     Headaches & Migraines

     Nutritional Coaching

     Anxiety & Depression

     Reduce Inflammation

     Reduce Joint Pain

     Reduce Muscle Soreness

     Increase Energy

     Boost Immunity

     Increase Serotonin

     Improve Sleep

     Increase Blood Circulation

     and much more!


What is Salt Therapy and Find Out If It's For You?

Regenus Center offers personal salt booth experience where the guests can relax and soak in the benefits of salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy. Salt therapy is an all-natural method used to ease a variety of conditions. Located in East Hanover, NJ.


Words from our patients

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    "Great dieting, exercise PLUS the services Regenus offers will Definitely change the way you feel!"

    Javier C.
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    "Regenus Center has added the resorative and energizing treatments that my longevity plan was in need of..."

    Loretta M.
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    "For those looking for state of the art treatment for brain injury or any other bodily injury, Regenus Center is the place to go."

    Jenny G.
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    "I highly recommend the Regunus Center."

    Triada H.
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    "My experience at Regenus has been very positive."

    Carolyn I.
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