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Recharge, Manage and Restore Your Energy for Life

Recharge, Manage and Restore Your Energy for Life

RegenUs Center has always been on a mission to help you manage, recharge, and restore your energy for life. 

That mission is our ethos because all aspects of your lifestyle, which is the primary determinant in your energy, health, and performance, both personally and professionally, depend on it.

Your body has the properties of a battery and most people are run down.

Here at RegenUs Center, we help you recharge and restore your body’s energy reserves, optimize your body system, and help you embrace a performance lifestyle to increase your energy, reduce pain, anxiety, and stress.

Based on the power of Bioenergetics, which is the study, detection & correction of energy in living systems… at one level your body is a water battery that is charged using light from the sun, magnetism, and electrons from the earth.

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To date, other than maybe telling you to “get more sleep,” the health and wellness community has mainly focused on nutrition (diet and supplements) and fitness to keep you healthy, and that is insufficient! 

As you can read in the following article, If Your Brain Feels Foggy and You’re Tired All the Time, You’re Not Alonethe metaphor for running low on energy has a tank that is running on empty. In response to talking about stress and fatigue, the author states, “That’s because we are running on an emptier gas tank than usual.”

And that, my friends, is where the mistake is being made. A gas tank implies fuel or “food,” but a lack of calories is not what people are suffering from. They are suffering from a lack of energy, in the form of what most of us refer to as life force, vitality, mojo, and more. And the lack of vitality translates to constant tiredness, exhaustion, and fatigue.

Until the population understands the actual causes, sources, and solutions to restoring that energy, the fatigue epidemic will continue, but not for you. Because here at RegenUs Center, where we are helping you assess low energy, unblock the flow of energy, and correct your body’s self-restoring abilities combined with the leading recovery protocol for increasing your life force. 

Come in today to begin restoring your energy 4 life! 

We can provide a bioenergetic scan and get you started on the protocol for restoring, recharging, and managing your energy! 

 You can contact me here

Or give us a call at 862-295-1620. 

 John Allen Mollenhauer


 RegenUs Center—Restore Your Energy 4 Life

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