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Energy Management


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Your body’s energy is like a battery. When your energy levels are low, you need recharging. Regenus Center in East Hanover, New Jersey, specializes in energy management. They provide innovative treatments that recharge your body’s battery to boost and maintain your energy level. Find out more about how energy management at Regenus Center can help you feel your best by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.

What is energy management?

Energy management refers to the treatments available at Regenus Center to restore and maintain your body’s energy level. 

Each cell in your body holds an electrical charge just like a battery. Scientists refer to this as the cell’s transmembrane potential. For your cells to function at their best, they must maintain a certain energy potential, or voltage.

Changes in cellular energy, as well as blocks in the transfer of energy between cells, may cause fatigue. Energy management at Regenus Center recharges your cells’ batteries to improve health and function, and boost your energy. 

What are energy management treatments?

Regenus Center provides treatments that restore and maintain your body’s energy levels so you always feel your best. Energy management treatments may include:

Red light therapy

Red light therapy is a noninvasive, nontoxic treatment that supports your body’s natural healing and repair process. It uses near-infrared light that stimulates activity at the cellular level, increasing energy production and restoring cellular function.

Infrared sauna

The infrared sauna at Regenus Center is a soothing treatment that deeply warms your entire body, relieving stress and the complications that come with it.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and resonant frequency therapy

PEMF and resonant frequency therapy are the energy management treatments that recharge your body’s battery. These noninvasive therapies deliver energy to your cells, reactivating your transmembrane potential and restoring each cell’s natural energy level.

NES Health BioEnergetix Wellness

NES Health BioEnergetix Wellness is a complete energy management treatment. It includes identifying the areas of your body where energy is low or blocked and then providing specific treatment to restore that energy.

PEMF is part of the NES Health BioEnergetix Wellness treatment at Regenus Center, as well as “on the body” smart bioelectrical stimulation. This energy management service also includes infoceuticals that assist in the restoration of your body’s energy field.

For energy management, Regenus Center recommends you start with red light therapy and the infrared sauna. The practice may also recommend detox and cleanse for energy management, as well as lymphatic compression. 

What are the benefits of energy management?

Energy management at Regenus Center is all about recharging your body’s battery to improve and maintain health and well-being. Benefits include:

  • Energy boost
  • Stress relief
  • Enhanced sense of well-being
  • Pain reduction
  • Improvements in body performance

With energy management, Regenus Center provides you with the tools and therapies that help you always feel your best. 

To find out more about energy management, call the office or schedule an appointment online today. Regenus Center serves the following neighborhoods: Florham Park, Livingston, Summit, West Orange, East Hanover, Whippany, Parsippany, Montville, Morris County, Chatham, Short Hills, Berkeley Heights, Morristown, Roseland, South Orange, and Fairfield.