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Regenus Center as a concept is built on the whole idea of helping clients regenerate their health and get off the slippery slide of degeneration and accelerated aging. 

When the term "manage your energy, not your time" was coined, entrepreneur and Regenus Center Founder John Allen Mollenhauer knew that managing energy was the missing key to health, performance, and longevity. On the path to burning himself out, despite being adept at nutrition and fitness, he realized that if he or anyone wanted to live a healthy, high-performing, and productive life, ENERGY MANAGEMENT WAS THE KEY. 

He's since made it his mission to provide a comprehensive, evidencebased, scientifically sound solution for overcoming fatigue, energy management, and performance, with lifestyle strategies that debunk pseudoscientific nonsense.

He's devoted himself to cracking the formula to what it takes to increase energy without depending on stimulants or artificial sources. Along the way, in addition to assembling a world-class advisory team to guide the development of Regenus Centers and today's Performance Lifestyle and he's used himself as a living lab to test the different factors while coaching hundreds on the path. 

In this journey, he assembled the pieces to the puzzle to have abundant energy for life. 

Here at Regenus Center, our primary focus is understanding (detecting), assessing, and correcting the body's energy control - the driving force behind the human body's chemistry and physical condition. It's not about the metaphysical concepts of energy, but practically, about learning how to source, produce and harness energy proactively. 

That starts with learning about energy exchange in living systems and applying it to guide your lifestyle. Known as bioenergetics, you can now see many results that conventional medicine cannot explain.

Our entire goal is to know how the body should be operating because when it's working correctly, the body's wisdom already knows how to heal itself and stay healthy. We want the body to express this wisdom. And the support starts with bioenergetics. 

When combined with proactive recovery and lifestyle optimization, a whole new life experience opens up. 

Bioenergetics + Proactive Recovery + Lifestyle Optimization = energy, health and high performance for life.  


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