Ryan Caswell:
Selfishly don’t want to write a review because it’s a hidden gem and I enjoy my access. However, John and Mariahna are such great people they deserve a great review. I’m 42, was getting terrible sleep last 15 years, brain fog, and dealing with sports injuries. Been using their facility for over a month and I’m addicted to the results. It’s a way of life now. Not only does it take no effort to use this type of therapy, but John and Mariahna explain everything we’re doing on a level I can understand and it gives me great confidence. Wish I had this available 10 years ago. I’ve been feeling like I’m in my 20’s.

Raquel Diaz:
I am so grateful to have found the Regenus Center. If you are looking for alternatives to heal naturally and elevate your life to be able to perform optimally, check-out all they have to offer. You won't be disappointed. John is amazing and full of so much knowledge!

Rachel Lundy:
Awesome! At Regenus, both Mariahna and John are extremely knowledgeable and are there to partner with you. They offer the perfect solution when looking to improve your health and wellness. Their infrared light bed as well as the sauna literally brings me back to life! Do your body a favor and give them a try.

Rajat Gupta:
Mariahna and John at Regenus are very dedicated to improving your well-being and proactively suggest what's best for you and your family. Very responsive and accommodating and the team goes out of their way to take care of us.

Martin Gomez:
I visited Regenus Center for the first time during the fall of last year. John and Mariahna provided amazing service focusing on recovery and treatment for shoulder injuries. I am very happy with the results and progress made at this great center.

Laura Bevacqua:
This place has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for me. I came here looking to just use an infrared sauna and what I found was a GOLD MINE of the most cutting edge technology and equipment I’ve ever seen in one place to help you revitalize your body and mind and feed your cells the energy we all desperately need more of. Having suffered chronic immune dysfunction from decades of undiagnosed Lyme, I now come to Regenus for PEMF (electro-magnetic frequency treatments), red light bed therapy, lymphatic drainage and for the detox and healing benefits of the infrared sauna. Through their knowledge and state of the art equipment, Mariahna and John have been able to help me in ways that years of medication could not. They are so passionate about what they do and really care about helping their clients. I love coming here. If you want to revitalize yourself and elevate your life, you should come here too.


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