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My name is John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM.”

In 2017 when our second child was born, and not yet the founder of Regenus Center, I suffered from tiredness and excruciating back pain.

As a former bodybuilder and athlete from back in the late 80s and early ’90s, the explanation for my pain was the typical “compressed discs” diagnosis that I received from MRIs and x-rays, and there was a degree of truth to that. But the rationale was that the damage from the past was causing my suffering in the present, and for a LONG while, it took away the impetus of looking for an actual solution. I lived with my plight.  

The pain used to happen once every 3-5 years, then every other year, then every year, month, week, and day until it was perpetually chronic. It got so bad that at one point, I was unable even to sleep, get out of bed, drive myself places, sit on a plane, and worse, be present for my new baby daughter, and it was crushing my hope.  

As an emerging Performance Lifestyle® Coach, I had been illuminating the principles and practices of energy and how to manage it, in part to find the answers to my own pain problems, and I could new at least theoretically that regenerating your life force energy is a big part of that. You need to have energy to manage and looking back on it; that I was living an energy depleting lifestyle is what was causing the pain.  

So, I was getting some stretching from my trainer thinking I had a mere physical problem when he introduced me to Cryotherapy to help me get out of pain. I tried it but then learned that regeneration was not primarily about the cold but about the light. So, one thing led to another, and after countless attempts from dry needling to chiropractic, decompression to facet shots, I finally found photobiomodulation which means “Changing the body with light,” via laser and whole-body light therapy. 

That’s when things began to change. 

The laser had an analgesic effect (relieving pain) while simultaneously regenerating the tissue in the immediate area, reducing inflammation, and taking the pressure off the discs and nerves. Whole-body light therapy recharged and restored my body, decreasing inflammation and prevented my back from escalating in spasms and pain. 

It was an “I was blind, and now I see period,” when relief finally came my way after the 4th session, and I’ve never looked back. A year later, I participated in a 7-mile Spartan Run and had a new lease on life with a tremendous insight that now guides my life. 

I learned that you cannot overexert the body regularly, and that’s what I was doing as an entrepreneur for over 30 years. I was constantly tired, periodically exhausted, and getting fatigued as I ended my 40s and was essentially experiencing a “brownout” of my neuromuscular system. Adjusting the body or any physical manipulation divorced from regeneration would never solve that problem. I needed to recharge, recover, and restore my body, start managing my energy “like a pro,” and step fully into a balanced and healthy performance lifestyle to crush it without the crush of excess stress and fatigue.  

Within 14 months after that culminating experience, with the help of my wife and partner Mariahna Suzan, we had our first version of REGENUS CENTER up and running offering the most advanced rejuvenation and recovery chambers and technology available. REGENUS stands for “regenerating us,” and the CENTER is where we come. It has since proved invaluable to me and over 1000 customers and clients.  

Amazingly, most go their entire lifetimes trying to find the solution to problems but come up short, again and again, but never learn that life force energy (electrical energy) is what controls the body. If this power is depleted, a whole downward-spiring cascade of problems can emerge if depletion is not resolved while dealing with the consequences.  

If you want to unlock your body’s resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue, and renew your experience of life, SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AT REGENUS CENTER. We look forward to meeting you. 


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