The Big Energy Problem Affecting Everyone and How to Solve it

The Big Energy Problem Affecting Everyone and How to Solve it.

The Big Energy problem That’s finally getting addressed!

In our rapidly evolving world, where information flows ceaselessly and opportunities abound, we find ourselves ensnared in a perplexing predicament: the busier we become, the less time we have to take care of ourselves, our bodies, and our lives.

As a society, we've grown weary and fatigued, paradoxically well-fed yet undernourished, ceaselessly stimulated yet chronically under-recuperated. Our modern existence keeps us ensconced indoors, estranged from the soothing and challenging embrace of the natural world. 

And despite the remarkable strides in medical science, we find ourselves more fragile and less robust than our forebears. 

Sure, some of us have embarked on a healthier lifestyle, integrating exercise, dietary improvements, supplements, meditation, and more conscientious sleep routines. 

Nevertheless, the relentless demands imposed upon our bodies and minds by our modern lives render these efforts insufficient in mitigating chronic stress, fatigue, depression, inflammation, and pain. 

It is high time that we acknowledge that the current trajectory of our existence is failing us, our progeny, and our society at large.

It is time for an awakening—a radical lifestyle shift in our way of life.

Feeling balanced and Healthy shouldn’t be Hard

magine a life where the fog that clouds our minds becomes optional, where falling prey to illness becomes a choice we no longer make. Constant fatigue? A relic of the past. Aging becomes a healthy, graceful journey, and chronic aches and pains? A distant memory. Productivity? Higher than ever.

But how can we achieve all of this?

It starts with shifting our approach to recharging and restoring our energy.

Instead of simply reacting to the constant busyness of our day, this shift teaches us how to intentionally and proactively regain our power. It's not just about sleep but also about preparing in advance for activities by accelerating the recovery of vital energy beforehand, deliberately.

Why is this shift important?

Because in today's world, where we have access to more information and opportunities than ever before, we face a dilemma.

We are overspending our life force energy and not regenerating it fast enough. This leaves us in a chronic state of energy debt, where we consistently expend more power than we can replenish, leading to the rise of lifestyle-induced diseases (85-95% of all conditions).

Are you ready to change that?"

How you solve it. 

So, how do we deal with this huge, all-influencing problem? There are 3 strategic ways; almost everything else is tactical.

a. Build wakeful hours structured around sleep, rest, recovery, meditation, relaxation, and rejuvenation periods.

b. Accelerate recovery using strategic use of the sun and what’s called photobiomodulation, or whole-body light beds that accelerate cellular energy production and can add 3-5 more high-performance hours to each day, among a host of other upstream benefits.

c. Optimize your lifestyle to respond to stress and fatigue in ways that create more energy and freedom, not even more stress and fatigue.

Learn more at Regenus Center today! 

John Allen Mollenhauer "JAM" John Allen Mollenhauer, “JAM,” is a leading Performance Lifestyle® Coach and the founder of REGENUS CENTER, along with his partner and wife, Mariahna Suzan. As an entrepreneur suffering from constant tiredness, fatigue and periodic burnout, terrible back pain, and erratic moods due to overexertion, he has dedicated his adult life to helping people recharge, restore and manage their energy as the pros do. He also teaches advanced rejuvenation and recovery and how to utilize Photobiomodulation chambers to accelerate recovery while helping people develop balanced, high-performance lifestyles.

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